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Krista R Burdine

Writer | Editor | Content Marketing

My story

When presentation counts, you need to put on a little show. Whether the genre is creative or technical, all written work involves artistic expression. I love to finesse a string of words until it lays just right; because whatever you have to say, the way you say it matters. What’s your story? I can help you make it picture perfect.


Ten years of freelance experience includes creating original lesson plans, blog, and website content; editing and proofreading novels and short stories, academic reports and technical manuals; and content management via social media.


And who am I? I live on a hobby farm in Central Texas with my husband and three kids. In the past five years I have learned to ride horses, raise chickens, and coax a garden out of inhospitable Texas clay. There is never a dull moment around here between fence repair, fending off bobcats, and feeding all the creatures.

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • HTML
  • WordPress
  • Bilingual in Spanish
  • 2014-  Editor and Proofreader. Fiction and nonfiction.
  • 2014-  Content Development. Websites, SEO, research, translation
  • 2011-   Social Media content management
  • 2009-2015  Curriculum Writer
  • 2007-2012  Writer, Speaker and Blogger
  • Caribbean travel
  • Culinary exploration
  • Watching my kids become themselves